Classic Zipper Pulls

Our classically designed zipper pulls are the perfect way to take your insignia or design and transform it into a symbol of pride for your school, company, or organization. Zipper pulls can serve as a standalone gift, or as part of a comprehensive awards program, extending its reach and impact.

Shapes and Designs

Your zipper pull can be a standalone collectible or fashioned from a die struck medal in a variety of shapes. What’s more, you can use the same artwork from your custom medal as the basis for your zipper pull. The body of the zipper pull is attached to a solid metal fastener and the blank reverse of your custom zipper pull can be used to engrave a personal message with text or images.

Finishes and Styles

Each zipper pull is minted from your choice of bronze, cupronickel, or copper, finished with a rich antique patina, then sealed with a protective jeweler’s lacquer. With the wide number of options available, you can make your zipper pull a unique and treasured item. Call 1-800-843-9854 today and our sales associates will go over all the options available to you.

It is the mark of Medallic Art Company to craft a unique minted item that satisfies your organization’s vision. Medallic Art Company is skilled in the expertise of working with all metals to create the perfect message. The possibilities are unlimited. Your choice of a stunning zipper pull from Medallic Art Company is the right decision to celebrate and honor achievement.

Call 1-800-843-9854 today to find out how Medallic Art Company will help you honor your achievements.

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Minted with Pride in the United States of America

Our craftspeople work with you on every detail to help you create a medal that is unique and special to your organization.

If you can imagine it, Medallic Art's artisans can create it.

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